Supporting Organisations & Advisors

Using its world wide network of experienced Ship Managers and Inspectors, SecondWind can offer full technical management of individual vessels and fleets. 

This service is available on either: 

  • A short term basis for custodial purposes for vessels in detention or awaiting judicial sale. 
  • A long term basis for vessels owned by single purpose ship owning companies and under the full commercial management of SecondWind.

When operating as full commercial managers SecondWind uses a worldwide network of chartering brokers and sale and purchase brokers to provide market information and opportunities for employment and divestment.

Our business partners include:

  • John M Sullivan, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport (UK), he has many years experience as a sale & purchase broker, having built up an extensive network within the maritime community and a successful client base among private and public ship owners. John specializes in providing independent valuations of various types of vessel for ship owners, banks and insurance companies, and participates as an expert witness in maritime arbitration disputes. He was a member of the Baltic Exchange for over 20 years and remains a member of the Baltic Expert Witness Association (BEWA). 

  • John Ormerod, a fellow of the institute of chartered accountants and Director at Ormerod Allen, John is a former shipping banker, now operating as a financial consultant in this area.
  • Bruce Macdonald, is a committee member of the Baltic Exchange witness panel, and supporting member of the LMAA, with a BA in Economics. Bruce is a highly experienced ship broker. 
  • Miles Dymock, is a fellow of the institute of chartered ship brokers. Miles is Director at Offshore Shipbrokers in London. His specialisms include sub-sea dive support, vessel construction and offshore accommodation for both chartering and S&P activities.  
  • Leonard Hoskinson a former director at Ravenscroft. Len is a very experienced work-out and technical management specialist.